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Hello. I do not know how or why my guitar ended up in Japan.
It was stolen from my apartment back in 1994.

I have been praying and searching for it for years.
I am not upset or mad at you in any way.

It must have traveled through many hands to end up with you.
I want it returned to me, both my 2 adult children and I are willing to take polygraph and compare guitar to notes from police report when it was taken from my residence.

I have contacted the police and also ebay.
I bought this guitar brand new in New York City in 1981.

There should be enough evidence from my police report for you to understand this is my guitar and the specific reasons it is.
I do not even care how or when you got my guitar.

I am just very thankful to see her again and am praying I will get her back soon.
If you ever had a guitar you loved, or even one you did not,
you will understand how I’ve been upset since 1994.

Thank you and God Bless, Norman. Amen. Bless your business too.


Hello Again. Just to help you understand that this is my guitar,
if when you got it and if it had a truss rod cover over the nut, It was White, and black on the inside.

I turned it over to white side, from the black side when I bought it, in case it ever got stolen,
I could identify it that way. As you know these all came out of the music store with black side facing up.
Now you show it with none.

Other things about my guitar are visible and no 2 guitars are alike with woodgrain, knots, bumps or brusises.
I swear on my parents graves, you have my property.

God knows it is my instrument.
Again I am not mad or angry at you, the law or statute to prosicute, or charge for a crime is only 3 years from theft.
I am certain it was not you that took it, and I’m sure you had no idea that it was stolen.

Talk soon, God bless, Norman. I prayed I will get her back. Amen.


















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